Metacrisis is a term often used to describe a complex problem or situation that involves a wide range of interconnected components, with multiple possible solutions. The complexity and interconnectedness of the problem or situation often require transdisciplinary perspectives and approaches in order to identify, understand, and address the underlying causes. Metacrisis, if viewed from the standpoint of complexity, must be addressed from a systemic perspective which incorporates elements from economics, ecology, sociology and many other disciplines in order to develop a solution that is ecologically, economically, and socially sustainable. > [!example] See also > [[network theory]], [[nonlinear dynamics]], [[collective intelligence]], [[emergent order]], [[complex system]] > [!info] Podcasts mentioning this term most frequently > * [[MetacrisisDAO with Daniel Schmachtenberger – Green Pill 84]] (41) > * [[The Metacrisis with Daniel Schmachtenberger – Part 1 – Green Pill 26]] (41) > * [[Superstructures with Daniel Schmachtenberger – Green Pill 32]] (28)