This is a Ruby/OpenAI-enhanced Obsidian knowledgebase for []( ๐Ÿ’ฌ Questions/comments? Email [email protected] ๐Ÿ‘พ Github repo for this knowledgebase (PRs welcome): You can find definitions of metacrisis-related terms with links to where they are used in podcasts under: * `Diagnosis`: diagnosing the metacrisis * `Responses`: broad ways in which we could usefully respond to the metacrisis * `Responses/Personal development`: potentially relevant individual practises * `Responses/Coordination mechanisms`: potentially relevant ways of organising and decision-making * `Responses/Land based`: potentially relevant techniques related to food, farming and ecological restoration * `Responses/Aesthetics`: potentially relevant aesthetic movements Please note definitions are currently AI-generated and not always accurate. Find transcripts of relevant podcasts including timestamped links under `Transcripts`. ## Most recent podcasts * [[Daniel Schmachtenberger: "Artificial Intelligence and The Superorganism" โ€“ The Great Simplification]] 2023-05-17 * [[Daniel Schmachtenberger: Ai Wars & The Metacrisis]] 2023-05-16 * [[DO 140 - Gregory Landua and Daniel Schmachtenberger]] 2023-05-12 * [[Daniel Schmachtenberger โ€“ Developing a Deeper Understanding of Life]] 2023-04-20 * [[Misalignment, AI & Moloch โ€“ Daniel Schmachtenberger and Liv Boeree]] 2023-03-30 * [[Podcast: Why we can still avoid imminent extinction with Daniel Schmachtenberger]] 2023-03-15 * [[Transforming Education to Prevent Catastrophe โ€“ Zak Stein, ep92]] 2023-03-08 * [[Deep Ocean Mining and De-Carbonization (M. Bozesan: D. Schmachtenberger, G. Barron, A. Smitsman)]] 2023-02-11 * [[Summary of the 'Third Attractor Framework' by Daniel Schmachtenberger]] 2023-02-06 * [[MetacrisisDAO with Daniel Schmachtenberger โ€“ Green Pill 84]] 2023-01-31 ## Daniel's appearances on the GreenPill podcast ![[Pasted image 20230215151717.png]] * [[The Metacrisis with Daniel Schmachtenberger โ€“ Part 1 โ€“ Green Pill 26]] * [[Superstructures with Daniel Schmachtenberger โ€“ Green Pill 32]] * [[MetacrisisDAO with Daniel Schmachtenberger โ€“ Green Pill 84]] ## Other great resources * [๐Ÿคฏ Meta-Crisis Meta-Resource]( by [Kyle Kowalski](, founder ofย [Sloww]( * [How To Think About The Meta-Crisis Without Getting Too Excited - Emerge]( * [Meta Crisis 101: What is the Meta-Crisis? (+ Infographics) | Sloww]( * [Collins Dictionary has named "permacrisis" as its Word Of The Year. "Metacrisis" would be our contender... โ€” THE ALTERNATIVE]( ![[Pasted image 20230215151402.png]]